RECON GMC Hummer eBike has 3 riding modes, dual 750-watt motors & a 21 Ah battery

Take yourself on an off-road adventure when you ride the RECON GMC Hummer eBike. This all-electric bicycle combines the best of RECON, GMC, and Hummer in one all-wheel-drive duo. With on-demand all wheel drive, it dominates any terrain you want it to. Moreover, it offers 3 riding modes: Cruis, Traction, and Adrenaline. They provide 1,500 watts of off-road power thanks to dual 750-watt motors that peak at 2,400 watts. With up to a 21 Ah LG battery, it offers a standard option of 17.5 Ah. Moreover, it has adjustable front suspension as well as more than 160+ nm of torque. With puncture-resistant 4″ tires that have molded in liner, it also boasts high-quality components like Shimano gearing. Furthermore, it has 4 piston hydraulic brakes to keep you safe anywhere you ride.

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