Rainbow FLAT SOCKS no-show socks have a grippy nonslip underside so they don’t budge

Wear socks that stay in their place: the Rainbow FLAT SOCKS no-show socks. With a nonslip design, they have a grippy textured foam underside so they don’t budge and sink in your shoe. With a no-show design, they stay hidden within your shoe so you can let your footwear shine. Blending the best of both worlds, they act like traditional socks yet won’t ruin your outfit, and they also act as no-show socks but won’t slip down or become a mess in your shoes. Moreover, their moisture-wicking barrier keeps your shoes from becoming stinky even as you are active throughout the day. The fun rainbow design looks great with any pair of shoes and lets you stand out. Furthermore, the top fabric consists of 100% polyester microfiber terrycloth for comfort. Appearing like a shoe insole, they don’t actually replace the insole in your shoe. Instead, they replace your socks!

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