Quest Nest Book 2: The Divine Forge is a GM-friendly adventure, limiting prep time so you can do what you love

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Make planning your campaign easier with this new GM-friendly adventure. Packed with tips and time-saving details, it still leaves room for your ideas.

Make your RPG passion less time-consuming when you have Quest Nest’s Book 2: The Divine Forge. This GM-friendly adventure takes care of some of the GM’s planning but leaves room for player advocacy and homebrew.

Do you spend hours setting up guilds, developing monsters, and determining deities for your RPG group? Work more effectively with Book 2: The Divine Forge, a new adventure from Quest Nest.

Book 2 has all the tools you need for a gripping tale. And this time, instead of working as a 1-man army, the creator worked with another 11 collaborators to achieve his vision. Let’s check it out!

What does Book 2: The Divine Forge have for GMs?

As a GM, you want to run a realistic game. But you might not have months to prep it. Quest Nest understands. For that reason, it created an adventure setup for you with all the tools a beginner GM might need.

To run this adventure, you don’t have to read Book 1. You don’t even need to read Book 2 multiple times, taking notes along the way.

Nope, each chapter boasts a quick-to-run section and GM Remember This Notes. These make your game easier to plan and play.

The company even includes math for encounters, helping you upscale and downscale. Meanwhile, you also get an area to write initiative/AP/HP, etc., during an encounter.

Furthermore, you also get Villian how-to-RP along with advice from other GMs on running this adventure. Whew, that’s a ton of helpful features.

What can you expect from this 5e-compatible campaign setting?

Love adventures where every villain has a twist? You can expect that from Book 2: The Divine Forge. It brings you 5 baddies, 4 guilds/cults/ factions, 6 locations, 5 new monsters, 3 new deities, and so much more in over 300 pages.

And, of course, you get the full background on deities, 5 elemental phases, wars, and basic political structures. With so many details, your group might forget the real world for a while.

Quest Nest Book 2 The Divine Forge
Quest Nest Book 2: The Divine Forge world map

How do you play the short version of this GM-friendly campaign?

The short version of the game has your PCs dealing with the aftermath of a war. They then become involved in a blood ritual while conducting an escape for prisoners they once used for testing.

Meanwhile, they discover that the Green Dragon has used the blood ritual to procure a gem that helps him age faster—and become more powerful.

This leads your PCs into the forge, where they try to ensure the Aether can no longer be used for evil. And they may even need to fight off a homebrew Drow Warlock/Priestess in the process.

As your PCs play, they’ll encounter monsters, loot, and items and need to make moral decisions. Oh, and they’ll have to try to avoid becoming an undead!

How do you play the extended version of The Divine Forge?

The extended version of this GM-friendly adventure takes place 3,000 years after a great war between good deities and evil forces over a magical substance called Aether. A gift from the deities, it helps humanoids create magic items.

The game is divided into 4 acts: Act 1: Exploration; Act 2: Further Involvement, Planning, and Backstory; Act 3: Conclusion and Execution; and Act 4: Aftermath.

As you can see, this version is quite comprehensive. As your players continue their campaign, they’ll need to make choices, discover weapons for slaying the Green Dragon, and learn the history of Aether.

Can you use this adventure with a current campaign?

You bet. This GM-friendly adventure enhances your own world with a host of new additions. Think 10 new spells, 1 new class, 10 new magic items, a world with 4 new guilds/factions, and an engaging story for 6th- through 9th-level characters.

So Book 2: The Divine Forge should have plenty of components to spice up other worlds. Even better, you can use the assets at your next RPG session. There’s no need to wait for the right moment.

What’s our verdict on Book 2: The Divine Forge?

If you love your GM duties but can’t spend as much time planning your game nights as you’d like, Book 2: The Divine Forge offers welcome help.

Designed to help GMs with planning, this book provides a full-fledged adventure along with tools like quick-to-run tips, GM Remember Notes, and an area to jot down HP and AC. It even helps with the math for downsizing and upsizing.

Keep your group enthralled and preorder Quest Nest’s Book 2: The Divine Forge on Kickstarter for about $25. The campaign is live now!

What tricks do you have for easier GM planning? Let us know!

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