QUBTRIX intelligent wooden omni-compatible bricks combine with other bricks like LEGO

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Build and create to your heart’s content with the QUBTRIX intelligent wooden omni-compatible bricks. These bricks work with all different types of building bricks, including LEGO! So you can build with QUBTRIX and combine with other bricks to bring play to life! Designed to inspire hours of creative fun, QUBTRIX includes 24 different action bricks so you can do 24 different things. There’s a line, zig-zag, brake, hopper, hole, basket, cross, 2C-turn, C-turn, T-turn, triplet, start-stop, right junction, left junction, jumper, strike, spinner, funnel, quadroport, and ramp. Then, there are also fast stairs, start stairs, right stairs, and left stairs. Created out of a love for children and respect for nature, these educational toys bring together generations and grow as kids do. Just install the pins, connect the QUBTRIX, and connect other bricks!


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