Prep for winter power outages and more with the Growatt INFINITY 1500 portable power station

Need backup power? Consider the Growatt INFINITY 1500 power station. Its huge power capacity gives you confidence during blackouts and off-grid adventures.

Ensure your home and outdoor devices have plenty of power with the Growatt INFINITY 1500. Boasting 1,512 Wh capacity and 2,000 W output, this versatile portable power station handles a wide range of power-hungry devices.

Are winter blackouts a concern in your area? Maybe you want plenty of power for your next outdoor adventure. In either case, the Growatt INFINITY 1500 has you covered.

With a giant capacity for power storage and a 2,000 W output for high-power devices, it can run almost anything. It’s the solution for blackouts, outdoor parties, off-the-grid vacations, and much more.

Power 95% of outdoor and home appliances

Need to run high-powered appliances like an air conditioner or electric stove during a blackout? This versatile portable power station makes it possible. So if you want to work from your laptop or cook using an electric oven, you can.

What’s more, the company says this gadget supports 95% of commonly used appliances, which is more than many similar products. Count on it to run your hair dryer, coffee maker, microwave, movie projector, LED lights, laptops, smartphones, TV, and more.

Growatt INFINITY 1500 feature video

Run essential devices at home

Do you or a family member require a medical device at all times? This gadget has the reliability you need. It’s a great way to keep essential home devices running when your local power grid fails.

And since this gadget doesn’t run on toxic fuels like diesel or gasoline, you can store it safely indoors and use it frequently with everyday devices.

Growatt INFINITY 1500
Growatt INFINITY 1500 powering an outdoor party

Power a range of appliances with the 12 diverse ports

From your iPhone to your laptop, you rely on all sorts of gadgets throughout the day. Luckily, this versatile portable power station can support nearly all of them since it boasts 12 ports.

This includes 2 USB-A ports, 2 Fast-Charge ports, 2 USB-C PD ports, 4 wall outlets, and more. It’s an impressive array. But you know what’s even better? They all work simultaneously.

That’s right; you could heat a meal in the microwave while charging your laptop and smartphone with the Growatt INFINITY 1500. With so many ports working at once, you may forget you’re off the grid.

Growatt INFINITY 1500
Growatt INFINITY 1500 outdoors

Charge wireless devices

In addition to 12 diverse ports, this survival gadget also charges your wireless devices. Yes, a portion of the gadget serves as a wireless charging pad.

It should charge any Qi-enabled device, including smartphones and earbuds. So, as far as most power stations go, this one is pretty high-tech.

Recharge this high-capacity power station in 3 ways

Another of the Growatt INFINITY 1500‘s important features is its ability to charge in 3 different ways—wall, solar, and vehicle. Let’s check them out.

Wall charge in 2 hours

You can charge this versatile portable power station right in your home’s wall outlets. Expect an 80% charge in 1 hour and a 100% charge in 2 hours.

Solar charge in 2.5 hours

Then, you don’t have to worry about traveling far from traditional power sources with the Growatt INFINITY 1500. It supports up to 800 W solar input, so you can generate power for it as long as the sun shines.

It charges completely in just 2.5 hours, which is pretty speedy for a solar charger. This gives you flexibility on beach trips, hikes, picnics, and more.

Charge in your vehicle when there’s nothing else

And if you’re on the road when the Growatt INFINITY 1500 needs extra juice, don’t worry. You can power it in your car’s auxiliary outlet.

It’s also a convenient option for rainy or cloudy days. The power station supports a 12V/24V input and charges fully in 12 hours.

Get peace of mind with the BMS

Safety and reliability are top concerns when investing in a power station. Thankfully, this portable power station features the industry-leading Battery Management System (BMS).

According to the company, it relies on multiple protection standards, guaranteeing the safe use of solar batteries. So you don’t have to worry about overheating, overvoltage, and the like.

Use the UPS for anytime home power backup

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 also supports an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feature. This makes the gadget ideal for keeping essential appliances powered and connected.

In fact, the <20 ms power switch time eliminates the hassle of a power lull during an unexpected blackout. Yep, this cool gadget can get your appliances up and running again without a noticeable pause.

Go for smart backup power

Your entire home is smart, so it makes sense for your backup power supply to be intelligent, too. For that reason, the Growatt INFINITY 1500 has a smartphone app that lets you remotely control, monitor, and access your device. It’s also an easy way to contact Growatt’s customer service.

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So, is the Growatt INFINITY 1500 worth it? The answer is yes if you want a reliable power source for your home and outdoor devices. With its high capacity and output, this gadget can power your home and outdoor appliances.

Plus, with 12 ports and 3 charging methods, it’s a true multitasker, taking care of your power needs as they arise. For reliable power, this gadget is the way to go.

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