PITAKA Carbon Fiber Watch Band has 100% carbon fiber links & adjustable bracelet length

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Upgrade your wrist with the PITAKA Carbon Fiber Watch Band. Made with 100% carbon fiber links, it uses rare yet durable fine-weave 1K carbon fiber. Boasting compatibility with all Apple Watch models, it has an adjustable bracelet length to fit your wrist just right. Choose from 2 styles—Modern and Retro—which come in 2 sizes: 38/40/41 mm and 42/44/45 mm. With a lightweight and comfortable design, this minimalist strap has a patented secure magnetic clasp that keeps it firmly in place. Easily attach it to your Apple Watch Series 7–1 or SE and add or remove links, using the provided tool, to fit it to your wrist. Designed for all-day comfort, the Modern style has 20 links while the Retro option has 16.

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