‘People call me a racist for being against illegal immigration’ Radio host erupts over Rwa

Journalist Mike Graham defended his stance on illegal immigration, claiming that he was not a racist.

The new British Governments Rwanda policy to try and tackle illegal immigration has been causing a major divide amongst the British public.

Mr Graham claimed most of the people who enter the UK without the correct documents get the asylum they seek.

He also discussed how why he believed the whole immigration system was broken and needed major reform.

Mr Graham told Talk TV: “People call me a racist for being against illegal immigration, it’s got nothing to do with race, it’s got everything to do with the law.

“People say, oh yeah but most of them get the asylum they seek, yeah but that’s because the legal businesses of this country spends so much time making sure that they keep them here.

“They advise them, there are charitable organisations like migrant organise that will tell them, precisely how to keep staying here.

“Become a Chrisitan they say, that’s what the guy who blew himself up in Liverpool did, become somebody who says that they’ve rehabilitated from Islamic jihadism.

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Mr Graham added: “That’s exactly what happened to the bloke who blew up the Manchester Arena, tell them that you’re gay and you can’t be sent home. that’s a good one, that will keep you here.

“And the reason that they get asylum is really because they stay here for long enough to qualify for residency, because if you can stay in the country for long enough then you can be given legal rights to stay.

“The whole system is broken, the whole system needs reform, there should be a flight taking off tomorrow, with at least 100 illegal migrants on it.

“The flight may not take off at all, but I will not give up this flight until the flights do take off and Boris Johnson has to grow a spine of any kind.”

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Unlike Mr Graham, some Britons figures believe the new plan is racist.

Journalist Allistair Campbell took to Twitter to criticise Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Mr Campbell tweeted: “NO @trussliz #Rwanda flights policy is NOT *completely moral* It is racist and I’m totally ashamed to be British and having this done in my name #RwandaDeportation #RwandaNotInMyName.”

Journalist Otto English also tweeted: “Deporting desperate human beings to Rwanda to placate racists is nothing short of evil. The entire nation should be absolutely fucking appalled that this horrific policy is being done in our name. It taints us all by association.”

There has been much push back from some Britons who believe the new plan is immoral.

Public, political and religious figures have been condemning the plan publically.

Rev Justin Welby – the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Stephen Cottrell – Archbishop of York and Primate of England – as well as 23 bishops who sit in the House of Lords wrote in a letter to The Times, that the policy was “shameful.”

They said: “Whether or not the first deportation flight leaves Britain today for Rwanda, this policy should shame us as a nation.

“The shame is our own because our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat asylum seekers with compassion, fairness and justice, as we have for centuries.”

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