Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Desk Shelf Mount fixes to your desk & has a multifunctional handle

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Make your workspace do more for you with the Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Desk Shelf Mount. Simply fix it on your desk shelf, and then you can use it for conferences and calls. And you won’t have to worry about running out of battery. Designed with a multifunctional handle, it lets you remove the metal handle. This weighs down the charger and stops it from sliding across your desk. Then, it has a uniquely designed steel clamp mechanism that guarantees a super secure grip, and it works with all shelves and tabletops up to 3 centimeters thick. Furthermore, this mount has an ergonomic 25-degree angle. This makes it easy to comfortably use your iPhone while it charges. Overall, it has a classic look that will blend in with any workspace.


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