NZXT Launches Its First Lag-Free 4K Capture Card

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The NZXT Signal capture card

If you thought NZXT was just a custom PC assembler, you’re dead wrong. NZXT has slowly expanded its catalog with new and exciting products, including a keyboard, mouse, and microphone. And the company’s newest product, the Signal capture card, may be its most impressive.

NZXT sells two versions of this capture card, the Signal HD60 ($140) and the Signal 4K30 ($180). Both support lag-free video passthrough for seamless recording or streaming, though of course, the cheaper model only supports video at 1080p 60FPS.

The NZXT Signal capture card

We reviewed the more expensive 4K 30FPS HDR10 model at our sister site, How-To Geek. And it worked nearly flawlessly, capturing video with zero latency, distortion, or fuzz. I suggest checking out the review to learn more about the Signal 4K30, and to see how NZXT could improve future versions of these cards.

Oh, in addition to the Signal capture cards, NZXT now sells a Chat Cable ($10). This cable is intended for multiplayer games and ensures that your audience hears everything from your headset, including your microphone and whatever trash your opponents are talking.

You can order the Signal capture card at NZXT now. This capture card supports modern game consoles, PCs, smartphones, and other devices with HDMI video output. It also works with software like OBS and supports Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS.


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