NV Rack non-varying resistance system adds assistance or resistance to all squat racks

Give yourself a better way to train with the NV Rack non-varying resistance system. Offering more effectiveness and safety, this patented setup works with all squat racks. In fact, the system consists of 2 universal squat rack attachments, and you use them to add resistance or assistance to any lift or movement. With NV Rack, you can reap the rewards of lifting heavy weights at a safe and repeatable weight. Just attach the NV Rack bands to barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, wrists, ankles, or your waist. The possibilities are truly endless, and you even get access to an online exercise library. Based on the principle of force equals mass multiplied by acceleration, it actually increases the acceleration of all your exercises and movements instead of increasing the mass or load. Altogether, this lets you train your speed and power without increasing weight.

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