NITECORE EMR10 electronic mosquito repeller offers an ultrasonic mode for use as power

Developed as a heat-activated mosquito repeller, the NITECORE EMR10 also includes the ultrasonic mode and portable power bank function. In fact, it has an interior heating element to activate the mosquito repellent tablet in the repellent mat to create a 10–20 m² protection zone. Furthermore, its fixed-frequency soundwaves are 25 kHz and 40 kHz, which repel skunks, insects, and rats outdoors. The EMR10 is equipped with a bidirectional Type-C port x1 and supports QC/PD3.0 fast charging and discharging. Easily use the Nitecore 21700 (5,000 mAH) Battery x1 while you use the EMR10. Moreover, it has a real-time OLED display and a simple 2-button design. With a lightweight form factor, it’s easy to take with you camping, to the beach, or anywhere you adventure.

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