Nick Jonas Shares New Photos Of Daughter Malti, 9 Mos., At ‘Beautiful’ Diwali Celebration

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Nick Jonas, 30, has gifted fans with a treat as Halloween approaches by sharing rare photos of his adorable 9-month-old daughter, Malti! The Jonas Brothers musician posted a picture on Tuesday of him holding Malti and grinning next to his wife Priyanka Chopra, 40, while celebrating Diwali on Oct. 24. Following that was a photo of them sitting down with Malti with yellow bindi dots on their foreheads. “Such a beautiful Diwali celebration with my [heart],” he captioned the sweet snapshot. “Happy Diwali everyone. Sending joy and light to you all.”

As seen above, the happy couple looked gorgeous in white garb, with Nick donning a traditional white sherwani and white pants, while Priyanka looked festive in a gold brocade crop top paired with a white lehenga skirt decorated with golden accents. She wore a translucent white shawl with gorgeous bell sleeves over the crop top. Meanwhile, Malti looked as adorable as ever in a white dress that matched the intricate designs woven into her mother’s clothing. To maintain her privacy, Nick made sure to place a red heart over Malti’s face in both images.

Priyanka previously posted a photo of Malti from her birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in July. She took a moment to celebrate Malti’s half-year mark by dressing her up in a white onesie with “6 Months” written on it in gold lettering and a pink tutu. Priyanka held Malti in the photo as Nick snuggled up next to them and held a mini cake that had a pink note reading, “Happy 6 Months B-Day MM,” in pink lettering. How cute!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas became parents in Jan. 2022 (Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock)

While the doting parents are making it a priority to protect Malti’s privacy, they have given little tidbits of information here and there about what parenting their little one is like. In May, shortly after the devastating shooting at the Uvalde, Texas school where 19 children were killed, the “Cool” hitmaker said he wants to be “as present as possible” for his little one. “I think it’s now about trying to be as present as possible and as thoughtful as you can be for your family, but also for other people’s journeys,” he noted to E! News. “As a father, as an uncle, I can’t not think about the kids and all the lives that were lost…I’m hoping for change to happen and we’ll see the end of this.”

About two weeks beforehand, he stopped by the TODAY show and said his new life as a father is “beautiful.” He continued, “She’s a gift and we’re just so blessed that she’s back home.”

Of course, fans got the biggest update from the proud parents on Mother’s Day, when Malti came home from the neonatal intensive care unit after spending over three months there. “On this Mother’s Day we can’t help but reflect on these last few months and the rollercoaster we’ve been on, which we now know, so many people have also experienced. After 100 plus days in the NICU, our little girl is finally home,” Priyanka wrote in her heartfelt caption at the time, which accompanied the first photo fans got to see of little Malti.

“Every family’s journey is unique and requires a certain level of faith, and while ours was a challenging few months, what becomes abundantly clear, in retrospect, is how precious and perfect every moment is,” she continued.

Malti was born on Jan. 15 via a surrogate. Although fans were aware the couple was ecstatic to become parents, the birth was a huge surprise, as they did not announce their pregnancy beforehand.

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