Nandme electric toothbrushes deep clean and whiten teeth affordably

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Check out a new player in the electric toothbrush market: Nandme. It offers 12 toothbrush heads for the price of 2—that’s 3 years of brushing.

Upgrade your brushing routine with a Nandme electric toothbrush. It offers the same benefits as major brand electric brushes and comes with 12 toothbrush heads. Let’s learn more about this company’s strategy in a market dominated by large corporations.

Currently, the global electric toothbrush market consists of Philips and Oral-B, along with supplemental brands like Aquasonic, Quip, Spinbrush, and Burst. New brands break through with great difficulty. However, in terms of product appearance and quality, the gap between small, new, and famous brands is not huge.

This company tested sonic electric toothbrushes purchased on Amazon. After research, it found that small/new electric toothbrush brands are not inferior to Philips products in terms of appearance, quality, or user experience.

Why do dealers prefer brand-name electric toothbrushes?

People place toothbrushes in their mouths, which is a sensitive, interior area of the body. For this reason, the safety of chemical materials, performance settings, after-sales service, etc., must be top notch. And this requires experience and investment. Toothbrushes are health gadgets, after all.

On the other hand, it’s difficult for startup companies and brands to devote the same level of resources to the above criteria as more prominent brands. Thus, most consumers choose big-brand electric toothbrushes when they aren’t sure what is trustworthy.

Second, the electric toothbrush head is consumable, but its price is high. According to Nandme, a brush head sells for more than 10 times its actual cost. The dealers often choose well-known brand products to achieve higher profits rather than selling the whole machine.

Why has the new brand Nandme gained distributors’ trust?

First, Nandme products can be trusted with a professional R&D team and production plant, achieving international standards in technology research and development, material selection, quality control, and product safety.

The company says that Nandme has been providing OEM/ODM products for dozens of international brands, such as Philips, Xiaomi, and other electric toothbrushes for a long time.

Second, the Nandme electric toothbrush uses a 12-for-2 toothbrush head selling price. It also has a trade-in after-sales service policy. This solves consumers’ concerns about buying replacement toothbrush heads and after-sales for small brands.

With 12 toothbrush heads, the consumer can brush for 3 years without needing a refill. So it’s a one-time solution to running out of toothbrush heads, making it a pretty practical bathroom gadget.

Third, Nandme’s marketing strategy is to turn 1 person buying 10 times into 10 people buying once. Although Nandme electric toothbrush distributors lose the profit of 10 brush heads, they actually gain more purchases. This is because the product solves the user’s pain point. Meanwhile, this satisfies the users’ demand and ensures the distributor’s established profit.

What do Nandme’s 3 electric toothbrushes offer?

In addition to its brand positioning and marketing strategy, Nandme’s products also have distinctive personalities. For example, among the first NX series products, the NX7000 lasts up to 7 days.

Then, the NX8000 has intelligent pressure control and dental protection, while the NX9000 is designed for men.

The personalized products are so popular that 1,500 units sold out in fewer than 4 hours after they launched on Amazon.

What’s our take on Nandme sonic toothbrushes?

A successful brand needs outstanding technology and power. But it also must solve the user’s pain points while keeping dealers’ profits in mind.

From this point of view, Nandme is in the ideal position since its marketing strategy has its own unique features worthy of emerging brands to learn.

Want to try a Nandme electric toothbrush? The Nandme NX8000 is $49.99 on Amazon. Do you own a Nandme toothbrush? Tell us about your experience!

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