Mozilla Thunderbird 102 Arrives with a Taste of What’s to Come

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The Mozilla Thunderbird version 102 update banner.

Mozilla Thunderbird just got its biggest update in nearly a decade. The email client’s Version 102 update includes a ton of useful changes, like an improved account import process, a revamped address book, and an all-new Spaces Toolbar.

Thunderbird’s new import process is the most important part of this update. Reviving this client means bringing back old users and enticing new users with Thunderbird’s privacy features. And the new Import / Export wizard ensures that these users can join Thunderbird without starting from scratch.

Previously, importing data to Thunderbird (from Outlook, SeaMonkey, whatever) required a bunch of janky add-ons. But the Import / Export wizard lets you use ZIP files to transfer data from one client to another—it’s a breeze.

Other changes to Thunderbird focus on quality-of-life improvements. And frankly, they’re long overdue. A headlining feature is the new address book, which tells you everything about your contacts in a clean, easy-to-read, and easy-to-edit profile field.

Users can create custom address books, which may be useful when separating personal and professional contacts. The new address book is also compatible with the vCard format, so you can export contacts from Android smartphones and other devices directly to Thunderbird.

I’m also excited for Thunderbird’s central Spaces Toolbar, which is really a sidebar for instant access to mail, address books, add-ons, calendars, and more. Other changes, including colorful new icons, are mainly for aesthetics.

This update is the first major step in Thunderbird’s revival. By the end of 2023, Mozilla plans to launch Thunderbird for Android and push a total redesign for the Thunderbird desktop app—consider the Version 102 update a taste of what’s to come.

Existing Thunderbird users should receive this update automatically. If you need to push a manual update, navigate to the “Help” menu and select “About Thunderbird.” New users can download Thunderbird from the Mozilla website.

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