Most innovative gadgets to buy this holiday season

Shopping for a tech lover? Then check out today’s digest. We’re highlighting the most gift-worthy innovations of 2022.

So, you’re loved one is a tech fan. And if you’re unsure what Christmas gift to buy them, today’s roundup has answers. Because while your giftee has plenty of cool stuff, we’re confident that the items on our most innovative gadget gifts roundup will surprise even the most die-hard technology fan. Let’s check them out!

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Treat them to colorful, animated lighting from the Nanoleaf Lines Squared color-changing LED bars. They install easily, boast 16M+ colors, and have fun animations.

Give an extra set of hands with the gitaplus cargo-carrying robot. This impressive robot transports up to 40 lbs of gear and follows pedestrian etiquette.

Blow your tech enthusiast’s mind with any of these innovative gadget gifts.

1. The Nanoleaf Lines Squared color-changing LED bars add ambiance and animation to any gaming setup, office, bedroom, or living room.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared color-changing LED bars on the wall

Give a friend or loved one next-gen lighting for any room with the Nanoleaf Lines Squared color-changing LED bars. They offer 16M+ colors and lighting animations, adding a futuristic look. The effects even sync to music and on-screen action.

Get them for $99.99 on the official website.

2. The Amazon Halo Rise smart lamp & alarm clock tracks sleep without wearables. It works with sensors and machine learning.

Amazon Halo Rise smart lamp & alarm clock on a table

Help your giftee sleep better with the Amazon Halo Rise smart lamp & alarm clock. Its sleep-tracking features don’t require any wearable tech. This gadget also works with Alexa and illuminates like the sunrise for a gradual wake-up.

This gadget is coming later this year and is priced at $139.99 on Amazon.

3. The Enya Music NEXG smart audio guitar is an amp alternative with its integrated preamp, sound card, and Bluetooth speaker.

Enya Music NEXG smart audio guitar product demo

Simplify a musician’s life with the Enya Music NEXG smart audio guitar. It made our list of innovative gadget gifts because it comes with so many essentials—a preamp, sound card, effects, a Bluetooth speaker, and more built in. Moreover, it’s designed for all skill levels.

Get it for $599.99 on the official website.

4. The Marlow Pillow has an adjustable shape for ergonomic comfort. Its cooling fibers allow airflow and the shell repels microorganisms.

Marlow Pillow in the bedroom

The Marlow Pillow helps your recipient sleep in comfort. Its unique design offer 3 loft profiles with mess-free adjustability. Then, the cooling fibers create ventilated zipper gussets for air. Finally, the anti-microbial shell resists bacteria and dust mites.

Get it for $78 on the official website.

5. The Meta Quest Pro VR headset has an open-periphery design, keeping users in touch with the physical world while they play.

Meta Quest Pro VR headset on a man

Impress a loved one this Christmas with the Meta Quest Pro VR headset. It offers an open-periphery design and a sleek-yet-comfortable shape. Additionally, it has more pixels in the center for clearer visuals and text.

Get it for $1,499.99 on the official website.

6. The BlockFrame NFT GM1 NFT display offers a stylish frame for your NFT collector. It’s easy to connect and shows off digital art in 1 place.

Meta Quest Pro VR headset on the wall

Make your favorite NFT collector happy with the BlockFrame NFT GM1 NFT display. It allows them to display NFTs across wallets and blockchains. They can even prove ownership by optionally including a QR code that links to their marketplace, making it one of the most innovative gadget gifts in 2022.

Get it for $599 on the official website.

7. The gitaplus cargo-carrying robot is double the size of its predecessor, carrying even more gear and streaming music.

gitaplus cargo-carrying robot product design

While the original gitamini robot is cool, the gitaplus cargo-carrying robot carries more stuff. Double its predecessor’s size, it’s ideal for families or others who need more carrying space. Even better, the mygit app streams music from your giftee’s phone, letting them walk to the beat.

Get it for $3,475 on the official website.

8. The Dyson Groom tool & brush removes loose hairs from dogs into the vacuum, preventing mess. It’s a great gift for pet owners.

Dyson Groom tool & brush in use

Treat pet parents to the Dyson Groom tool & brush. It offers mess-free grooming since the vacuum collects loose hairs from medium and long-haired dogs. The process takes minutes and also removes dead skin cells, reducing allergens.

Get it for $69.99 on the official website.

9. The BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock secures their gym locker, cabinet, or duffle bag with a high-tech fingerprint reader.

BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock in white

Your recipient won’t have to remember combinations or bring a key to unlock the BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock. It’s great for gym or school lockers, cabinets, and bags. This padlock opens with just a touch, which is why it’s one of our favorite innovative gadget gifts.

Get it for $36.94 on Amazon. It usually ships within 11 to 12 days.

10. The Keychron Q8 65% Alice layout mechanical keyboard has an eye-catching double gasket design, adding art to any desk.

Keychron Q8 65% Alice layout mechanical keyboard design

Add artistic flair to a loved one’s work desk with the Keychron Q8 65% Alice Layout mechanical keyboard. It has an all-metal CNC machined body and a cool chevron shape. Plus, the MCU Arm Structure provides flexibility for developers.

Get it for $195 on the official website.

Get the tech enthusiasts in your life gifts that satisfy their interests with the products on this list. What innovative gadgets will you buy this year? Let us know in the comment section.

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