Madison LeCroy Debuts New Look, Shocks the Crap Out of Southern Charm Fans

Madison LeCroy has gotten pretty darn good at taking Bravo viewers by surprise.

That’s what happens when you very likely break up the engagement between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez by allegedly FaceTiming in the nude with the latter.

And then almost definitely pleasure yourself to the appearance and seductive words of that same baseball player.

Yeah. We’d call that pretty surprising.

Madison LeCroy looks pretty different here, doesn’t she? The reality star has undergone a makeover.

Just a few days ago, meanwhile, LeCroy stunned social media users and others who have followed her career in a very different way.

It didn’t involve any sordid behavior with any admitted steroid users, either.

This time around, it simply involved a promotional video in which LeCroy starred, as she and her Southern Charm castmates have been busy promoting Season 8 of their popular reality show.

New episodes will premiere later this month — and, by the looks of things, folks will be in for a brand new Madison LeCroy as well!

Madison LeCroy on Video

As you can tell by the photo at the top of this post, LeCroy appears to have undergone some plastic surgery.

She admitted as much last year when she talked about getting her teeth done, sharing a video on Instagram in which she pointed inside of her mouth and explained:

“So, I’m just gonna get on here. I didn’t want to put a filter on because, my God, somebody will have something to say.

“It’s something I wanted for a really long time. My teeth were actually very small. Other than the two front teeth, which I actually have before pictures of how they were narrowed down to then have a wider smile.

“Which I know you guys have commented before about having a crooked lip, I still have that, because I was born that way, but I also had a slanted jawline, which was also adjusted.”

Madison LeCroy Flaunted Alex Rodriguez DMs to Castmates, May Have Broken NDA

LeCroy went on to slam trolls who gave her a hard time, saying what she chooses to do with her face and/or body is “nobody’s business.”

Also in 2021, the mother of one spoke about her plastic surgery journey after she went under the knife for a self-described “full mommy makeover.”

“I had a ten-pound baby, and every mother knows that things are very different after that,” LeCroy told fans at the time, adding that she got a boob job and what sounds like a tummy tuck.

“I just wanted to make sure that it was tasteful, and I was happy,” Madison said of her redone bosom area, adding last February:

“I don’t want people to look at my chest before they look at me as an individual, and be like, ‘Oh my god.’”

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm Picture

Madison LeCroy is seated here on the couch during an episode of the Bravo reality show Southern Charm.

So that brings us back to the aforementioned Season 8 video shoot, from which we grabbed the picture above.

LeCroy doesn’t look the same, that much is evident.

And social media users are letting her have it in response.

“Her lips are a little crooked when she talks?” one person asked, while a second chimed in as follows:

“But she looked great before.”

Brett and Madison LeCroy

The thing is, we doubt LeCroy cares much what people are saying these days.

Why not?

Because she’s engaged!

Simply put, LeCroy wrote as a caption to a black and white image of her and her now-fiance, Brett?

“When you know, you know.”

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