Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan Reunite At Glastonbury & Fans Go Wild: Photos

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Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan

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This is the One Direction content we’ve been missing. Fans discovered that Louis Tomlinson, 30, and Niall Horan, 28, were at the Glastonbury Festival hanging out. The boys mostly remained incognito during their reunion, but One Direction fans know their boys!

A fan grabbed a photo of Louis and Niall from behind. Niall tried to remain under the radar with a bucket hat and yellow jacket. His face isn’t seen in the photo with Louis. Other fan photos from the festival show Niall wearing the same bucket hat and jacket.

“Zayn singing you and I, louis liking zayn’s post, niall attending harry show, niall and louis at glastonbury. what’s in the air this month ??” one fan tweeted. Another fan tweeted, “HARRY AND LOUIS AND NIALL IN THE SAME PLACE IM SCREAMING.”

There’s been a lot of One Direction energy lately. A few weeks before Glastonbury, Niall was spotted at Harry Styles’ concert at Wembley Stadium. Niall was seen jamming out and singing along to Harry’s song “As It Was” and the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”

One Direction was formed after their run on The X Factor. Zayn Malik, 29, announced his departure from the band in 2015. Later that year, the other band members announced they were taking a hiatus to pursue solo projects.

Back in 2021, Niall admitted that he still talks to members of the band. “Still talk to them all the time,” he said on The Jonathan Ross Show. “We still keep in touch. Everyone’s having their own success on their own like that. I’m enjoying what I’m doing.”

Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan
Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan at a charity match. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Harry recently opened up about the possibility of a reunion and didn’t rule it out. “I mean, I think the thought of it is really nice. I’d love for there to be a time where it felt like something we all wanted to do,” he said on the Spout podcast in June 2022. The Grammy winner later added, “I think we all went through something really special together and there’s a lot of love there. So, yeah, I think if there’s a moment for us to do it the right way, I think it’d be great.”

On The Jonathan Ross Show, Niall was also game for a reunion if it could happen. “If everyone wanted to do it, I’d be down for it,” the “Slow Hands” singer said. “They’re probably slim right now, currently. We need to all get in the same room and have a chat. I don’t know when that would be.”

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