Logitech G502 X PLUS RGB gaming mouse has the company’s first LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches

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Get ready to enjoy a jet fast gaming experience with the Logitech G502 X PLUS RGB gaming mouse. In fact, it comes with surprising features such as the LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches, LIGHTSPEED pro-grade wireless connectivity, LIGHTSYNC RGB tech, HERO 25K sensor, and more. Additionally, the mouse is POWERPLAY compatible—so it never runs out of power. Not only that, but the switches will also let you achieve higher levels of speed and reliability. There’s also the LIGHTSYNC technology that will give you approximately 16.8 million brilliant colors across an 8-LED array. Thanks to the pro-grade connectivity, you’ll get a 68% faster response rate than the previous generation. Finally, the HERO 25K sensor will also give you zero smoothing, filtering, and acceleration.


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