Liquid Bomb reusable water balloon has a self-sealing magnetic design for endless fun

Give your kids virtually endless fun with the Liquid Bomb reusable water balloon. Using a magnet, it has a self-sealing design so you can reuse it over and over again. Fun for pool parties, backyard gatherings, and more, it’s truly an eco-friendly toy for adults and children alike. The design includes 2 silicone hemispheres with magnets on them. It fills easily when you dunk the water balloon in water, and it automatically shuts so you can quickly rejoin the water fight. It won’t break into pieces during a balloon toss, and it won’t melt even in the high heat of summer. What’s more, there’s nothing to clean up after a party! With a soft design, it won’t hurt anyone during games, and it breaks open immediately upon hitting their target if the force exceeds 5N.

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