Lincoln’s New L100 Concept Luxury EV is Ludicrous

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Lincoln Model L100 concept

To help celebrate its 100th anniversary of joining the Ford Motor Company and releasing its first luxury vehicle this week, Lincoln revealed the Model L100 concept. An absolutely stunning luxury EV with a futuristic vision of what a car could be.

The new all-electric Model L100 pays tribute to the 1922 Model L, and 100 years later, this new car is nothing like the original. In April, Lincoln unveiled its Zephyr concept, which looked production ready. However, this latest concept takes things to an entirely different, more ludicrous level.

The four-seater luxury EV coupe features coach-style “suicide doors” unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The doors are huge, elongated, and span nearly the entire vehicle length. That’s not all, either. The roof has a similar hinged design that unhooks from the frame and opens upwards simultaneously.

The hinge on those doors better be strong, and you might need to take up three parking spots to open the doors and exit the vehicle safely.

Lincoln Model L100 suicide doors

We said it’s ludicrous, and that’s because there’s no steering wheel on this futuristic concept vehicle. Inside, you’ll find stylish luxury seating with a unique center console, digital display, and the “chessboard” controller. Yes, Lincoln is calling the “steering wheel” a chessboard. It’s basically a large dial that occupants can somewhat control, but we shouldn’t call them the driver, as this vehicle would ideally drive itself and be autonomous.

Anthony Lo, Ford’s chief design officer, had this to say about the concept: “With the Model L100, we were able to push the boundaries in ways that evolve our Quiet Flight brand DNA and change the way we think about Lincoln designs of tomorrow.”

And while that doesn’t necessarily mean this is what we should expect from Lincoln’s upcoming luxury EVs of tomorrow, it certainly gives us a good idea of what the brand envisions.

Lincoln also mentioned that the front row seats could rotate around and face the rear passengers, which makes sense on a fully autonomous vehicle. Plus, the floor and glass moonroof ceiling double as digital displays and can project animated scenes and other things for passengers to enjoy.

The all-new Lincoln L100 concept is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I want one. Here’s a more detailed look for those interested.

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