LG 2023 SC9 and SE6 soundbars are packed with immersive audio and versatile features

Including in the SC9 and SE6 models, the LG 2023 soundbar series truly packs a punch with immersive features. When paired, LG soundbars and LG TVs present innovative features such as WOW Orchestra. This is a feature that utilizes every one of the 2 products’ audio channels to create an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth, and power. Additionally, they also offer more synergy for outstanding multi-surround sound solution. In fact, these soundbars allow listeners to enjoy Dolby Atmos and IMAX-enhanced quality powered by DTS:X. WOWCAST also allows the 2023 soundbar models to connect wirelessly with LG TVs. They provide cable-free convenience and a tidier look in the living room without any sacrifice to audio quality. They also offer a more complete home cinema experience with LG’s Triple Sound Technology.

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