Let this small AI-powered drone be your perfect travel photography companion

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Summer is here. Make the most of it with the Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone.

Top view of Padar Island before a morning from Komodo Island (Komodo National Park), Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia
Image: Thrithot/Adobe Stock

Don’t settle for unsatisfying selfies: The Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone can become your handy travel photography companion.

Air NEO offers a simple way to take hands-free, high-definition photos no matter where you are. This ingenious mini drone offers multiple auto-fly modes that are effortless to set up, so you always have a personal photographer to get the optimal angles of landscapes and ensure you look your best when you’re ready to take a pic.

The Air NEO features a 12MP camera that can take 1080p pictures in wide or zoom modes, making it super easy to find the right photo setting for where you are in your travels. When activated, NEO uses AI technology to frame subjects for a perfect portrait expertly or capture the whole group in the frame while showcasing the background. It can even record 30 FPS video.

With the app, you can share photos or videos on social media or send them to friends in a heartbeat, or you can store them on the drone itself, thanks to 16GB of onboard storage.The app also gives you additional manual control over the pocket-sized drone if you don’t want to rely on the AI to get the angle you’ve imagined. You can also use the app to access two more auto-fly modes — orbit and 360º — for even more breathtaking visuals.

Take your travel photography up a notch this summer. You can get the Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone for $159.95 today.

Prices and availability are subject to change.


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