Kuna Camera Floodlight features a 70-foot range, 270-degree detection, and 2,400 lumens

Enhance security surrounding your property with the Kuna Camera Floodlight. It boasts 2,400 lumens and a 70-foot range to detect movement. All the while, it features 270° detection to cover every corner of your property. In fact, with a 155° diagonal view, it’ll light up large sections of your lawn at a single time. Moreover, the Kuna Camera Floodlight includes smart compatibility such as Amazon and Google Assistant for convenient, voice-controlled use. It also switches on when it senses motion. Furthermore, you can control this smart outdoor light and switch it on and off via the Kuna app. So you can ensure you enter a well-lit porch or front yard when it’s dark. Overall, enhance your property’s overall security with this smart floodlight.

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