KULT Misty Emerald eye-catching phone case boasts long-lasting protection for your device

Stun onlookers when you have the KULT Misty Emerald eye-catching phone case. With a luxurious glossy finish that has an HD-printed marbled design of golds, greens, and black, it provides your smartphone with protection. That’s thanks to its 0.2-millimeter raised bezels around the screen and camera. Those impact points are vulnerable, and this case guards them. Impressively, however, it measures just 0.5-millimeters thick so it adds minimal bulk to your device. Additionally, made of an unbreakable polycarbonate outer shell, it also has a thermoplastic polyurethane inner lining. Not only will it not break, but it also will not scratch, fade, or peel. Designed to envelop your smartphone, it fits a variety of models. In fact, it suits everything from Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer to the iPhone 6 and newer.

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