Kimos boiling thermos takes just 3 minutes to reach boiling & works 5 times per charge

Boil water on the go with ease when you have the Kimos boiling thermos. In fact, this device reaches boiling temperature—100º C—in just 3 minutes! Not only that, but it can also boil water 5 times with every full charge, and it can retain heat for up to 4 hours! With a safe and patented design, it has a leak-protection mechanism that ensures hot water doesn’t escape. Moreover, it won’t heat up if it’s empty, ensuring extra safety. Additionally, this rechargeable battery-powered bottle operates with just the press of a button. Able to hold 360 milliliters of liquid, it provides enough to make a pour-over or Aeropress of coffee on the go. Suitable for outdoor conditions, it consists of a stainless steel cup as well as a waterproof and dustproof power button. Finally, it has lights that indicate how many boils it has left in its battery!

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