Josh Duggar: When Will He Actually Go to Prison?

Josh Duggar remains in legal purgatory.

The father of seven was sentenced on May 25 to over 12 years in federal prison, following a conviction about six months ago on two counts of child sex abuse.

Duggar has appealed this ruling.

But it may be awhile until said appeal is heard.

Josh Duggar at a Game

In the meantime?

Celebrity gossip followers continue to wonder when Duggar will be transferred from an Arkansas detention center to the federal prison he’ll be calling home for well over a decade.

According to an insider who claims to be in the know about this topic?

Not any time soon.

“It’s a waiting game and that’s normal,” the aforementioned source explained this week.

“The jail has no control over when the federal government transports him out of Washington County.

Jails are crowded, it takes time to decide on a facility, find an open bed, arrange transfer and more. The system moves slow.

“It’s impossible to know a timeline.”

Josh Duggar smirk

At some point, though, Duggar WILL be moved to either FCI Seagoville or FCI Texarkana in Texas — depending on availability.

Continued this anonymous individual:

“Prisons and jails are jam-packed. The two facilities they are asking for are small, like 1,700 people small.”

For Duggar, sticking around for as long as possible inside of a county facility is beneficial for both his mental and physical health.

At the Seagoville jail cited above, over 72% of its population got infected with COVID-19 in 2020.

CNN reported in August of that year that at least three inmates had died at that point, with one of the inmate’s family members calling the facility a “petri dish.”

Josh Duggar Close Up

Josh, of course, hasn’t said anything in public since his arrest in April 2021, which came in the wake of homeland security agents raiding the used car dealership at which he worked.

They discovered at the time evidence that Duggar downloaded sexually graphic material of children under the age of 12.

According to one of the agents on the scene, who has worked in this field for years, one of the videos found on Josh’s computer was among the most disgusting things he had ever scene.

It reportedly depicted the assault of an 18-month old.

Josh Duggar snapshot

Duggar subsequently went on trial for nine days prior to a jury finding him guilty.

Late last month, at his sentencing, the judge read his decision and referred to Duggar’s crimes as “the sickest of the sick” in front a packed courtroom… which included Josh’s wife and parents.

“You have done some very bad things. But in your life as a whole, you’ve done good things…” the judge stated, adding for the record:

“The true test of a man’s character is what a man does when no one is watching.”

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

To this date, Josh insists he’s innocent and hopes that his appeal goes through.

His legal team has tried to argue that a former co-worked of the disgraced reality star actually downloaded the previously-mentioned photos and videos.

There’s been no evidence to back up this allegation, however.

“I find it aggravating about the lack of responsibility,” the judge told Josh at his sentencing hearing.

Josh Duggar Throwback

Said brother Jason after the sentence was handed down:

“In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was fair in his ruling giving Josh a sentence that would be considered below the median for the crimes he has committed.

“My heart is grieved over the choices my brother has made, his actions do not reflect that of a Christian believer and have doubtlessly defamed my Lord and Saviors name!!

“Joshua’s poor decisions have greatly effected those around him, in particular his wife, seven children and our family as a whole.

“With that said, I will never stop loving my brother, regardless of what he does, just as my savior has forgiven me so I have forgiven my brother of his wrongdoings

“My prayer is that God will use this circumstance to truly humble him and bring about a true change in his life!


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