‘It’s disgusting!’ Londoners shame RMT strikers for ‘screwing over’ commuters

Commuters across the country are facing major commute problems due to the National Rail strikes, commuters in London discussed their thoughts on the ongoing travel disruption with journalist Paul Hawkins.

One London commuter slammed rail workers claiming that they’re paid more that the people that they are currently disrupting.

And explained that they were causing problems for healthcare professionals such as nurses who were coming into London Bridge hospital.

Another commuter explained that people who have to travel into London to work instead of working from home were being screwed over by the strikes.

Rail workers are striking in order to receive pay rises and job security in their sector.

One London commuter told GB News: “It took me half an hour longer than normal, I had to go via Norwood and then back into Lonon Bridge.

“So not that pleased to be honest with what the strikers are doing, they’re all paid £50-£60.000 more than people they’re disrupting, nurses coming up to London Bridge hospital, I think it’s disgusting.”

Another London commuter added: “I get it, especially after Covid, like there needs to be some job increases.

“There needs to be maybe a bit of a pay rise, but if everyone is working from home there’s no real impact.

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“Like I said my train wasn’t busy, we just got stuck outside so people who do have to come into the city are being screwed over.

“But there’s not really as much of an impact as there used to be.”

Mr Hawkins said: “How do you feel about the fact that this could go on for months.”

The London commuter responded: “Oh God! Not excited as some who has to go in every day.”

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Calls for the Government to step in and create a law to stop unions from disrupting vital service industries around the country have been piling in.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to acuse trade unions of “driving away commuters who ultimately support the jobs of rail workers”, while also affecting many businesses across the UK.

Mr Johnson will say: “Too high demands on pay will also make it incredibly difficult to bring to an end the current challenges facing families around the world with rising costs of living.

“Now is the time to come to a sensible compromise for the good of the British people and the rail workforce.”

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