India farmer moves two-storey home – an inch at a time

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A farmer in the northern Indian state of Punjab is getting his house moved 152.4m (500 ft) away from its original spot because it’s in the way of an expressway.

The expressway connects the national capital Delhi with the Jammu and Kashmir region 670km (420 miles away).Sukhwinder Singh had spent around 15m rupees ($188,000; £159,000) to build it in 2019.

“I was offered compensation but didn’t want to build another house,” says Mr Singh.

A team of 20 men has been assigned to move it now.

It’s uncommon for an entire house in India to be relocated intact. In 2017, a house in the southern Indian state of Kerala was moved piece by piece close to the capital Delhi 2414km (1500 miles) away to preserve the structure.

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