Improve your sleep and reduce eyestrain with these eco-friendly blue light glasses

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Combat the harmful effects of blue light-emitting devices with Filter Optix glasses. They offer 4 colors of light-blocking lenses to induce sleep, prevent headaches, and improve mood.

Reduce eye strain, get better sleep, and prevent headaches with Filter Optix eyewear. These high-quality blue light glasses from Norway use exclusive materials and feature 4 different lens colors that promote rest and health.

Do you work on a computer for 8+ hours, then spend your evening streaming shows and videos? You’re not alone. According to TIME, adults’ average screen time increased 60–80% from prepandemic levels throughout 2020—2021.

And all that extra time in front of the screen can negatively affect sleep and cause eye strain and headaches. Filter Optix wants to provide a solution with their high-end blue light glasses in 4 lens colors. Let’s check them out.

Why you should wear computer glasses

If you work in front of a bright computer screen, you know how painful your eyes can feel at the end of the day. And the pain is indicative of the problems overexposure to blue light can cause.

According to Filter Optix, constant use of devices can lead to headaches, sleep issues, and health concerns.

Luckily, these high-quality blue light glasses can filter out the blue light from devices and LEDs, making them a leading product in their sector.

Go for advanced blue light-blocking technology

Filter Optix glasses aren’t your typical blue light glasses. The company says its products use lab-tested blue light-blocking technology. So the data they rely on is science-based.

All the lens colors effectively filter harmful artificial light emitted by LEDs and digital devices whenever you wear them.

Meanwhile, all the lenses feature a unique and scratch-resistant multilayer coating that removes glare and reflections while blocking dirt, dust, and water.

What’s more, these high-quality blue light glasses come in prescription, and non-prescription lenses as well as readers, so there’s eyewear for everyone.

Select from 4 different lens colors

Filter Optix glasses are available in 4 different lens colors to account for varying sorts of device use. Each has its level of blue light-blocking and recommended uses. But which one(s) should you go for? Check out the lens colors and their features below.

Choose clear lenses for computer use

If you plan on wearing these high-quality blue light glasses all the time—say, they’ll replace your prescription lenses, the Clear Lenses are the best choice.

They offer a 35% reduction of all blue light and block 100% of high-energy visible light and UV light up to (410 nm). Thanks to their minimal color distortion, they’re great for all-day use.

So you can easily wear the Clear Lenses at the office and during your commute, as well as your daily run and gaming sessions.

Go for yellow lenses to boost your mood and relax

Are you on a device for most of the day and want to improve your mood? Then the Filter Optix Yellow Lenses could be what you’re looking for.

They offer a 95% reduction of all blue light and 100% of UV and high-energy blue light up to 470 nm. They do have some color distortion due to their yellow hue. Meanwhile, they can prevent eye strain and boost your mood while they improve your circadian rhythm.

The company says the Yellow Lenses outperform the Clear Lenses in terms of blue-light blocking and are best for activities where color distortion isn’t an issue. They’re also suitable for driving as they reduce glare and harsh lights.

Buy the Orange Lenses for better sleep

Do you toss and turn for hours before you fall asleep? The Orange Lenses can help. They filter out all blue and some green light, helping lower cortisol levels, improve mood, and promote sleep.

The Orange Lenses have the same benefits as the Yellow Lenses but also improve your melatonin levels, enhancing your sleep quality and minimizing oxidative stress.

They’re the ideal glasses for combatting jet lag and whenever you’d like to improve sleep and overall health. The company says that, for best results, these high-quality blue light glasses should be worn after sunset or a couple of hours before sleep.

Purchase the Red Lenses for the ultimate sleep quality

For the ultimate sleep improvement, reach for the Red Lenses. These lenses outperform the Orange Lenses in terms of aiding your circadian rhythm and sleep.

That’s because they block out 100% of all blue and green light up to 550 nm. They do, however, result in significant color distortions, so they aren’t recommended for driving.

Like the Orange Lenses, the Red Lenses offer the best results when worn after sundown and a couple of hours before sleep. They’re great for promoting relaxation, combatting jet lag, night shifts (they’ll enhance your circadian rhythm), indoor/outdoor use, and office work.

Feel good about these eco-friendly frames

Most blue-light-blocking glasses are destined for the landfill, where they’ll take generations to break down, but not these spectacles. Made of natural cellulose acetate, Filter Optix eyewear is sustainable.

The company says that the eco-biodegradable acetate material will degrade within 150 days in nature when the conditions are ideal. Can you imagine that?

If composted properly, these lenses could return to the Earth in less than 6 months. So they’re a purchase you can be proud of.

Look great while caring for your health

Style is important, and the Filter Optix glasses have plenty of it. Designed and developed in Norway, these frames are sleek and fashionable.

They come in various shapes and colors, so you’re sure to find a pair you love and that complements your style and personality.

Read our verdict on Filter Optix glasses

These high-quality blue light glasses are an excellent choice if you log long hours in front of a computer screen and other devices each day.

Boasting 4 lens colors that reduce stress, boost mood, support sleep, and improve circadian rhythm, Filter Optix glasses mitigate the harmful effects of blue light.

Give yourself or someone you love a healthier relationship with tech with these glasses. They cost $165.75 on the official website. How many hours do you spend on a device each day? Let us know in the comments.

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