I’mOn undetectable mouse mover has audio alerts and a USB power hub for working from home

Make it look like you’re on the job even when you take a break when you have the I’mOn undetectable mouse mover. An ideal work from home companion, this innovative mouse mover integrates both a USB power hub and audio alerts. Designed to keep your computer from locking the screen, it also avoids your status changing to Away when you aren’t at your computer. But there’s no point in just looking like you are online if you don’t respond to messages or calls. With I’mOn, you get a solution: it moves your mouse every 5 seconds. Not only that, but it also transmits to any sounds that come from your computer directly to its included Bluetooth speaker. So simply Put your mouse on I’mOn, grab your portable speaker, and chill. I’mOn keeps your status as Available and lets you know if your computer makes a peep.

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