How to Turn Off AMBER Alerts on Android

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AMBER alerts are sent by your country’s authorities to notify you about missing persons in your region. If you’d like to disable these alerts for some reason, there’s a way to do that on your Android phone.

AMBER alerts are pretty useful as they keep you updated about the things happening around you. Keeping them enabled ensures you aren’t missing out on any important updates.

However, if you find the alerts arrive at odd hours or aren’t relevant, you can choose to disable them. This way, your phone won’t notify you of any alerts. Later, you can turn the feature back on if you want.

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Disable AMBER Alerts on Your Android Phone

To stop further AMBER alerts, first, launch the Settings app on your Android phone. The steps below will slightly vary depending on your phone.

In Settings, select “Apps & Notifications.”

Tap "Apps & Notifications" in Settings.

Scroll down the page that opens and choose “Wireless Emergency Alerts.”

Select "Wireless Emergency Alerts."

On the screen that launches, toggle off the “AMBER Alerts” option.

Tip: To enable these notifications in the future, toggle on the “AMBER Alerts” option.

Disable "AMBER Alerts."

And that’s it. Your Android phone won’t receive AMBER alerts anymore.

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