How artificial intelligence is transforming insurance underwriting

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How artificial intelligence is transforming insurance underwriting

The insurance industry is still largely reliant on manual processes, particularly when it comes to lines of business that use agents and brokers for distribution.  

However, with the power of today’s rapidly maturing AI technologies, how can you seamlessly integrate your data with data from big tech platforms to make better, faster underwriting decisions?

In this free industry webinar join a panel of experts from Accenture and Amazon Web Services as they tackle this key question and dive into how AI has emerged as the transformative technology in the insurance industry.

Watch the free webinar today and gain insights on:

  • How AI can help insurance carriers gain faster access to higher revenues 
  • How incorporating AI into underwriting can help reduce time spent on manual and administrative tasks  
  • How this reduced time can improve experience and satisfaction for agents, brokers, and customers  
  • How AI is delivering ever-increasing value for insurers


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