Download Hotstar for PC (Windows & MAC)

Download Hotstar for PC (Windows & MAC)

Hotstar is one of the most popular sites for entertainment. One can use this application right on their PC, Mac, or Windows. Before getting started with how to use it and more lets first peek into what it is.  

Well, Hotstar is a popular online streaming site. One can get several TV shows and other content. They also have the feature of streaming in different languages which may be other streaming platforms won’t provide

There are plenty of features that this application provides to its users. It has got some of the latest technology that is presently being used in video streaming. The makers of the application have given a lot of attention to all the details and it overall gives a great user experience.

If one is interested in sports then this will be a great application for them as it shows live sports competitions from all around the globe. One of the best things about Hotstar apk for windows and other operating systems is that it is for free. One does not require buying a subscription pack or paying for the registration on it.

One thing that the users must know before installing it is that the developers of Hotstar have till now not made Hotstar for PC or Macintosh. So installing it on pc can get a little bit longer than usual, it may take. And also one will require an emulator help to install Hotstar on PC.  

Features of Hotstar App

The Hotstar has got several features that make it so popular. Even though they have their site available that can be used but still if one downloads the Hotstar application right from the play store, then they unlock many more features of Hotstar. 

Let’s peek into the features that are amazing app provides to its users-

  • There is an option of skipping the intro so that if one does not like the music or wasting their time on the intro they can skip it and directly start from where the show starts.
  • Just like YouTube, the forward and backward keys can also be used to skip 10 secs or to rewind 10 seconds.
  • One can also add up the subtitles or else if the show has the option of second language ten the language can be changed too.
  • One can also change the quality of the video from 144p till 1080p. But if someone has not done that then the video quality is set according to the internet.
  • The home screen has a panel in which the recently viewed shows are shown so that one does not lose track of what they had been watching until now. 
  • One can also download any content but they must keep in mind that the downloaded file is only available till the time of 48 hours and after this time duration it gets deleted automatically from the downloaded files.

Downloading and Installing of Hotstar on PC (Windows)

As mentioned previously if one wants to install Hotstar on their PC, first of all, they need an emulator like BlueStacks or Nox App on their PC.

Well, one, might have this question: why use emulators? The answer to this is simple as this application like BlueStacks and Nox are tools that provide users to execute the android applications on the computers. Using it is also very easy plus the interface is perfect. 

This allows installing the android app very easily on pc and running them. This will also give the advantage to operate the windows just like it is a normal android terminal. The users don’t even need any configuration to use it.

Once a user is done by installing this emulator then they could very easily run the android application on their pc. One can download and install apps from the android play store just like what they might do in their android phones. 

So after the installation of any emulator that the user wants then, they have to open it and look for the application that they want to install. In this case  type Hotstar on the search bar, and as one finds it click on it. 

Just be very careful while choosing the right application as one won’t like it if they install the wrong application as it will waste their time and effort too. So as one has chosen the application that they want to install then just click on the install button and it’s done! The application will now get installed on the PC. It may take a while so wait till it gets installed. 

Another Method to Download Hotstar TV App

Here is another process for Hotstar app download if one is not satisfied with the previous procedure. Click on this link-

After clicking on this, one can complete a Hotstar download for PC. And as the file gets downloaded-go to the BlueStacks or Nox emulator and open it and then go on the usual process. 

Now, wait till it gets installed on the pc. They also show up a processing bar where one can see how much of the process has been completed. As soon as the install is done click on the open button and the application will launch on the pc.

If the process works normally then it is fine but sometimes a pop-up notification may come at the time of installation or else some other error might occur at the installation process. Identify this problem and try again by solving that problem.  

Once the Hotstar for PC has been installed successfully on the pc one can surf on it. There are four options given in the menu that are Movies, TV shows, premium, and sports. The interface of Hotstar apk for PC is excellent so it won’t be too difficult to use it. It is also very easy to find any movie or other content in this application. 

So what one needs to run Hotstar on Windows PC or any other android app on their pc? They just need the help of the BlueStacks emulator or any other such emulator and they can then enjoy any app on their pc. 

How to Get Hotstar for Mac PC

Here are the steps that will help out in the installation of the Hotstar app on Mac.

  1. Download the application of the emulator like the BlueStacks for Mac.
  2. Once done with the installation of BlueStacks, open it, and look for the Android GUI.
  3. Now with the help of it go to the play store and download the Hotstar TV app.
  4. As soon as the application of Hotstar is downloaded then install it. It may take some time to wait until it gets installed. 

These were the steps using which one can download and install the Hotstar app on their mac and then enjoy streaming on it. 

The Hotstar app is now accessible in America, India, and Canada. While the application is accessible in these countries but still there may be some contents that might be some contents that are not available at every place.  So this was some information related to Hotstar apk, its features, and how to download in on PC or other various devices. Good thing is that anyone can download it for free.

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