Harber London Microfibre Minimalist Desk Mat has a dense body for cushioning & protection

Make work more enjoyable with the Harber London Microfibre Minimalist Desk Mat. Sporting a dense body, it protects and cushions your hands and wrists from the strains of everyday typing. Moreover, this Harber London desk mat has a microfibre lining, making it soft to the touch for all-day comfort. Because if you’re working at a computer every day, you deserve to love your environment. Furthermore, this workstation accessory comes in 3 sizes: 19.6″ by 11.8″, 31.49″ by 12.59″, and 31.49″ by 17.71″. With multiple size options, you can choose the right one for your desk space and accessories. Overall, use this soft grey desk mat as a base for your computer keyboard and mouse as well as other accessories such as stationery.

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