Gran face-plants at Prosecco brunch after ‘countless’ cocktails and pre-drinks

Nat Cooper had been out celebrating her birthday with a bottomless brunch at Chapo’s El Campeon in Greater Manchester on June 11 when the incident occurred. The 43-year-old said she even wore “sensible flat sandals” for the meal.

But after two “big big” vodkas and a can of Lambrini on the bus, Nat and her friend Siobhan arrived at the restaurant and immediately hit the cocktails and bottomless prosecco.

During the two-hour sitting which cost the pair £35 each, Nat drank countless Porn Star Martinis and glasses of prosecco which ultimately led to a visit to the toilet where it all went wrong.

After sitting on the toilet with the cubicle door open so she could carry on chatting, Nat fell face-first to the floor, smacking her eye hard.

The poor grandmother-of-one was picked up by Siobhan and believes she had a concussion as she does not remember the fall or journey home.

But she has a swollen face as a memento from the accident.

Petrol station cashier and mum-of-six Nat, from St Helen’s, Merseyside, said: “Seeing my eye the next day, I was shocked. I was frantic, like what have I done? Please tell me I’ve not been fighting – I’m a nan!

“I’ve only been to one bottomless brunch before, in Wigan, and I was sick at the restaurant before we left.

“This was my birthday day out with my best friend, so I was excited and thought I’m really letting my hair down.

“I had just come back from holiday so thought I could handle the cocktails but clearly they are not proper spirits in an all-inclusive resort and these hit differently.

“Obviously, we’d had pre-drinks – two big big vodkas because Siobhan pours them like a pro.

“I got a drink for on the bus too – a can of Lambrini, because Lambrini girls like to have fun, don’t they? We got to the cocktail place and I just started necking the cocktails.

“I was drinking Porn Star Martinis but you get a glass of prosecco as well which keeps getting filled up so you’ve got two drinks at a time and both my hands were full.

“I had some food which was gorgeous, I think, because this bit I remember, and then s*** hits the fan.

“I don’t even remember going to the toilet but apparently I went and like the classy bird that I am, I sat on the toilet but left the door open talking to Siobhan and then I just flopped forward.

“If I had shut the door, I would have only banged on the door, but I hit the floor.

“I don’t remember leaving the place or getting home. I think I had a concussion because I wanted to sleep and didn’t know I had fallen.

“We went outside to wait for the bus and I was on the floor at the bus stop when a very kind stranger stopped and asked to take us home.

“Instead, we asked to get dropped off at our local pub. I didn’t drink and I still didn’t know I had fallen but apparently wouldn’t let anyone phone an ambulance and the barmaid gave me ice for my eye.

“Eventually, Siobhan and her mum pretty much carried me home and I went to bed.

“I was like Dory out of ‘Finding Nemo’ – I kept forgetting I had fallen and asking who hit me.

“The restaurant itself was second to none, beautiful place and lovely staff. I hope they let me back, it wasn’t their fault, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have been pre-drinking!

“I don’t think bottomless brunches are for me!”

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