Garmin Fusion Signature Series 3i Marine Coaxial Speakers can withstand the elements

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Enjoy every adventure when you have the Garmin Fusion Signature Series 3i Marine Coaxial Speakers. Designed to provide you with crystal-clear audio, they can also withstand whatever elements you encounter. Crafted with water-resistant connectors, they not only install simply but also boast superior protection. Moreover, the marinized design went through rigorous testing and achieved an IP65 rating. Choose from 6.5”, 7.7”, and 8.8” designs depending on your size needs. And you can select classic or sports-style grilles. Furthermore, with CRGBW LED lights, they can set the right atmosphere on your boat. Then, the lighter and stronger woven fiber composite produces great sound definition no matter the volume. Finally, they have material enhancements and protective engineering that maintain their aesthetic appeal. Enjoy music and great audio all season long, year after year.


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