Europe heatwave forecast: Exact date fiery blast to strike as deadly 40C plume heads to UK

High temperatures will hit Spain and southwest France and could exceed the 40C mark. The heat will move northwards and impact the south coast of the UK, with temperatures set to rise up to 34 degrees.

Tonight, there will be some outbreaks of rain in northern Scotland ahead of a mild night across the country, according to reports.

On Thursday, humidity levels will start to build.

Scotland will see some heavy rain, though this will start to push eastwards in the evening and into Friday morning.

Then on Friday, June 17, high temperatures on the continent will start moving northwards and over the UK.

There will be temperatures of up to 33 degrees “just north of the London area”, according to the BBC.

Jim Dale from the British Weather Services was a little more optimistic about the highest temperatures.

He told there could be a peak of 34C in London on this day.

Elsewhere temperatures are forecasted to hang around the 30C mark.

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He forecasted temperatures of 27-28C in and around London and the south.

But the meteorologist added these temperatures will be “ushered away” by the evening.

There will even be some thunderstorms “here and there”.

Mr Dale added: “We will wait and see who gets the sporadic outbreaks of thunderstorms, if at all.

“They are far more likely in the continent, over Belgium and Holland as the same transfer of air mass occurs.”

On Sunday, he added that “everybody’s in fresh air”, with “half the temperature values, nearly anyway, for the southeast – 34 degrees down to around 18C”.

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