eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera features both 2K HD resolution and Starlight Night Vision

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Monitor your home easily, even without wires, with the eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera. It features both 2K HD resolution and Starlight Night Vision. This camera also comes with an IP67 rating. As a result, it stays protected from rain, dust, and extreme temperatures. You can easily choose between two popular carriers–AT&T and EIOTCLUB. You can also give yourself powerful 2K color precision 24 hours a day with the Starlight Sensor. Along with a 120° field of view, you’ll see more of your surroundings to better protect your property. There’s also the 3 months of long-lasting battery power that will help you stay charged up without constantly worrying about battery life. Thanks to the built-in AI, you can be rest assured to only get important alerts.


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