Dyson Groom tool & brush offers mess-free grooming for medium- and long-haired dogs

Stop the spread of pet hair around the house with the Dyson Groom tool & brush. This is a mess-free grooming tool and brush for medium- and long-haired dogs. In fact, this can remove loose hairs from your dog directly in the vacuum. As a result, this will stop the spread of loose pet hair around the house. Additionally, it also makes the entire process of pet grooming fast and comfortable. With every brush stroke, you can also remove the dead skin cells from your pet’s body. This will stop the spread the allergens and make the process hassle-free.The tool comes with self-clean and self-store modes, with single thumb control. There are 364 bristles, angled at 35°, that can penetrate your dog’s coat to grab loose hairs. Overall, an ideal pet accessory to keep your home clean and make pet grooming super easy at the same time.

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