Drop SENSE75 75% mechanical keyboard has useful components and a high-quality build

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Enhance your workspace with the Drop SENSE75 75% mechanical keyboard. Boasting requested features, this high-quality keyboard has a best-in-class gasket-mounted design. Additionally, it combines a high-end rotary knob with south-facing switches. And it has a reimagined case shape and LED diffuser. Furthermore, equipped with several Drop exclusives, it has Holy Panda X Switches, Phantom Stabilizers, and a Drop Keyboard Configurator. The latter lets you enjoy an intuitive interface, meaning you can customize it via the QMK firmware. Crafted with hot-swappable switch sockets, this sensory peripheral has a cushioned, less rigid, and great typing experience. Moreover, it uses a specialized elastopolymer called BISCO that creates an incredible typing experience. Finally, it has custom case dampening for improved sounds with every keystroke.

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