Curry vs. Curry: Seth says ‘look at the numbers’

Seth Curry is one of the best shooters in the NBA today. He is widely regarded as a difference-making role player who could put an almost-championship team over the top.

Unfortunately, he just so happens to be the little brother of the greatest shooter in league history: Stephen Curry. While Seth has a better career three-point percentage by 1.1 percent (43.9 vs 42.8), nobody actually recognizes him as the top shooter in his family.

This past week Seth appeared on an episode of “Dubs Talk” and revealed the two things that he does better than Steph.

“Video games is one, most video games for sure,” Seth said. “And cards. I’m a better card player than him at the moment … We play a little poker, spades, those type of games.”

Plus, he remains unconvinced that Steph is the better shooter.

“I say look at the numbers, that’s what I say,” Seth joked. “Obviously he shoots more, in all seriousness, he gets them up more, it’s close in percentage, but I mean, if you got one guy to knock down an open shot, I’m taking me because the numbers don’t lie.”

Seth was also asked whether he would ever want to play alongside his brother.

“I’ve thought about it as people bring it up, but to me personally, I enjoy kind of being away from him, trying to create my own path and do my own thing,” he replied.

Seth didn’t definitively close the door on it, but he did express a general disinterest.

“You never know what the future holds,” he added. “I wouldn’t be against it, but it’s definitely not my preferred choice to be on the same team as him definitely right now. I also like competing against him and trying to beat the best.”

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