Cottongin Bravery Edition tailored T-shirt uses soft sea island cotton in a bespoke fit

Wear a shirt that fits you better than your old tee: the Cottongin Bravery Edition tailored T-shirt. Made on par with a bespoke shirt, this piece of apparel uses incredibly soft sea island cotton. Sea island cotton represents less than 0.004% of the Earth’s cotton. It offers lightness, natural stretch, supreme softness, moisture wicking, and heat absorption. Hand-tailored in Ukraine, it can even include your name embroidered on it. More than a basic casual men’s T-shirt, this made-to-order choice is tailored on par with a bespoke shirt and uses rare materials. Furthermore, the Bravery Edition uses an updated size calculation algorithm and draws inspiration from the Ukrainian people as they continue to endure and persevere. Based on your individual size, the shirt’s tailoring uses data like height, weight, and body type. Then, the computer builds your 3D model and calculates more than 70 individual measurements to create your ideal tee.

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