Casacru Bamboo Waffle Towel has an innovative weave that dries your body in a better way

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Enjoy a more effective drying experience with the Casacru Bamboo Waffle Towel. Its innovative waffle weave has a hexagonal structure that maximizes surface area and accelerates evaporation. It absorbs water quickly and dries you faster, making it a great option for at home, traveling, or after sports.. With better breathability than terry towels, it stays clean and fresh use after use. Made from a hybrid blend of bamboo and cotton, it prevents bacteria and fungus from growing. Moreover, this textile does its job well while feeling super soft and exfoliating your skin. Going through a sustainable production process that creates no harmful substances and uses responsible working conditions, this towel has Oeko-Tex certification. Finally, this 100% plant-based towel comes in several size options for people of every shape and size.

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