Britons fume at US presenter who slated ’s***** coffee’ and say America is ‘extra cheese’

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Saagar Enjeti, co-host of Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, took to Twitter to make sweeping claims about the state of society and culture in Europe compared to America. He had been responding to a Twitter user asking why more Americans don’t move to Europe.

Mr Enjeti tweeted: “Europe is substantially poorer, more racist, less dynamic, and MUCH less free than the US.

“Food is bland, coffee tastes like s***, the weather is mostly awful, their primary cultural export is tourism, and they have less say in the affairs of the world.”

As his tweet exploded with nearly 10,000 replies, Mr Enjeti stoked the fires further. He posted a picture of himself drinking coffee with the caption: “Enjoying a beautiful bright FULL American drip coffee without some stupid biscuit on the side that I don’t need.”

Some Americans agreed with Mr Enjeti, with one saying he visited Barcelona but was disappointed to find there were “no good steak houses”.

Express readers shot back at Mr Enjeti’s claims against Britain and the continent, and took aim at the US’ food and culture.

User ypecarrot said: “In the USA, ‘haute cuisine’ is just a larger portion with extra cheese and bacon.

Another user, Johnsky5, said; “He’s right about bad weather, but food really!!”

User Grockle compared extreme weather in the UK and US, saying in Britain you “take a brolly or some waterproofs. You might need them”.

However, they said of the US: “Go down to the basement and tie yourself to something that might not blow away.

“There might not be a house if you get out alive.”

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Twitter users were also split on Mr Enjeti’s comments, with @JamesKAArcher adding: “Taste is a personal perspective and you are welcome to yours.

“However, we generally allow less faeces, fewer insect parts and fewer larvae in our food.

“We also have significantly less food poisoning & if we do get it, we won’t risk financial ruin getting medical treatment for it.”

Meanwhile @David_Ewen pointed out that while Europe’s overall income is lower, this does not necessarily translate into a better standard of living, as “what matters more to most people is wealth distribution.”

He added: “US overall income has a way higher share in the hands of the top 1 percent, so life for ordinary Europeans is probably better than that of ordinary Americans.”

Other users hypothesised that Mr Enjeti’s claim was merely a deliberate attempt to start an argument in order to bring more traffic to his Twitter page and promote his podcast.


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