BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit includes the portable Smokeless FirePit and accessories

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Guarantee you camp like a pro when you have the BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit. This setup includes all the accessories you need to use your BioLite Smokeless FirePit, including the campfire pit itself. Along with the FirePit+, you’ll get the FireMat, FirePoker, and Carry Bag. Use the kit to burn on various types of ground and easily stoke your flames with the FirePoker when necessary. Then, you can pack up the complete system in the bag, making it easy to transport and store. With a portable design, it sets up quickly and uses wood or charcoal as fuel. Moreover, the reflective FireMat protects more sensitive types of ground from the heat produced. , a breeze to set up, and lets you use FirePit+ just about anywhere.

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