ASCAND 3D laser scanner turns your phone into a pro, portable & affordable scanner

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Truly see what your phone can do for you when you go for the ASCAND 3D laser scanner. It actually turns your phone into a professional, portable, and affordable 3D laser color scanner. It’s an ideal extension to add a professional third dimension to your smartphone. That’s because it takes you beyond frustrating, low-resolution image stitching apps or LIDAR. All you have to do is slide your phone into the ASCAND phone holder, record a few spins on the turn table, and upload the scan video. Then, the detailed 3D scan the ASCAND Cloud adds to your personal dashboard—in just minutes—will blow you away! In fact, it delivers full-color scans for all of your 3D modeling needs and ready-to-3D-print STL files. Compatible with iOS, Android, tablets, and desktop computers, it delivers true-color scans by combining the power of your device and the cloud.


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