Anne Heche’s Ex James Tupper Accuses Her Son Homer Of Mistreating Brother Atlas In A ‘Hostile Manner’

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Anne Heche‘s ex-boyfriend James Tupper submitted that he takes with the late actress’s son Homer Laffoon’s “ex parte application to authority of special administrator.” James, 57, accused Homer, 20, of treating his and Anne’s son Atlas, 13, poorly in the new documents, which have been obtained by HollywoodLife. The actor brought his objections against Homer, who was appointed as Atlas’ guardian, following Anne’s death at 53.

One of the primary concerns that James brought up in the documents, included the way that Homer has allegedly treated the actor’s son. “As stated in JAMES’s Objections to LAFFOON’s petition for appointment as general administrator of Decedent’s estate, LAFFOON has acted in a hostile manner towards ATLAS and has refused to communicate with him or his representatives at all,” he said.

Anne walks with James and her sons Homer and Atlas in June 2017. (SplashNews)

Other issues that the documents brought up included that Homer has allegedly not provided an inventory of personal property to James and Atlas. He also raised more issues that Atlas has allegedly taken with his older brother. “Further, ATLAS has no confidence in LAFFOON’s ability to meet his fiduciary obligations to ATLAS,” he said. James requested Homer to provide an inventory.

Besides the issues raised regarding his son, James also disagreed with the way that Homer has gone about executing his mother’s estate. “LAFFOON’s over-litigious approach to administering the estate is wasteful and harmful as it unnecessarily increases potential attorneys’ fees and costs that the subject estate may be responsible for. It is unfortunate that rather than make any attempt whatsoever to meet and confer with JAMES, LAFFOON continues to opt to bring petition after petition before this Court, week after week, without any regard or attempt to minimize conflict in order to preserve estate assets,” the documents state.

The filing came after Homer won a legal battle to be appointed as his half-brother’s legal guardian in October. He then filed further paperwork for more access to his mother’s estate since her death at 53, following a car accident in August. In the recent filing, the actress’s son requested an $800,000 bond and access to his mom’s financial records.

After the judge ruled in Homer’s favor to be Atlas’ guardian, his lawyer said they were happy with the decision in a statement to HollywoodLife. “We are pleased—but not surprised—with the court’s ruling this morning denying James’ petition to appoint himself guardian ad litem for Atlas. We look forward to the court resolving Homer’s petition at the next hearing and, in the meantime, Homer will continue to diligently administer the Estate pursuant to his authority as Special Administrator,” he said.

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