Android Users Get iOS 16 Before It Arrives on the iPhone, Sort Of

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A Google Pixel 6 using the iOS 16 launcher to disguise itself as an iPhone.
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While your iPhone-wielding friends wait for the iOS 16 update, you can install it on your Android device a month early! Someone by the name LuuTinh Developer, who clearly has no respect for copyright laws, just launched a free iOS 16-styled launcher for Android.

In case my sarcasm wasn’t clear enough, you can’t really run iOS on top of Android. This launcher simply replicates the iOS 16 design by replacing some of your Android device’s UI elements.

But it’s pretty convincing! The iOS 16 launcher adds iOS-styled app icons, widgets, and app trays to your Android phone. And oddly enough, it also gives you an iPhone-styled Control Center, Dock, and Weather app.

If you’re concerned that Apple will destroy this launcher, stop worrying! This launcher is actually a few years old and updates every year to match the latest iOS release. With over 50 million downloads, it seems that Apple is willing to ignore copyright violations in order to give Android users a taste of the dark side.

At least, we hope that’s the situation. This launcher is an exciting example of Android customization, and more importantly, it lets Android users preview the iPhone experience. It seems like a win for everyone involved.

You can download the iOS 16 launcher for free on the Google Play Store. Or, if you just want an iOS-styled Control Center, try LuuTinh Developer’s Control Center iOS 15 app.

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Source: Patrick Ortolani via MacRumors

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