Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen 2022 speaker is designed for children & has parental controls

Add a fun device to your child’s room: the Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen 2022 speaker. With a design that speaks to children—and looks like either a dragon or an owl—it also has integrated parental controls. As the parent, you can set daily time limits and review activity from the Parent Dashboard. And you can rest assured that Alexa provides child-friendly responses and filters explicit songs. Plus, it does what a speaker should by providing clear and rich audio whether your child listens to music or a bedtime story. In fact, children can ask Alexa to play songs, read books, help with their homework, and more. They’ll even get access to a full year of Amazon Kids+, for kids aged 3–12, to enjoy books, games, and educational features. Additionally, children can set their own alarms, turn off connected smart lights, and call friends and family who parents approve of.

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