Amazon Echo Dot 5th-Generation smart speaker has a new internal design for better bass

Love the look of the 4th-gen Echo Dot? You’re in luck, because the Amazon Echo Dot 5th-Generation smart speaker looks just about the same. But don’t let that fool you—the inside is totally upgraded. Its updated internal structure provides double the bass of the previous edition. Not only that, but its audio quality is altogether better and more detailed. Furthermore, it even has an accelerometer as well as a temperature sensor. The former allows for the top of the device to control media and phone calls with just a tap. Then, the latter lets you know the temperature in the room. Moreover, you can use this gadget to run Alexa automations like turning your air conditioning on if the temperature gets too high. Beyond all this, it also has eero built in, allowing this device to work as a Wi-Fi extender as well.

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